Sunday, November 24, 2013

illustration 3 reference

Ok so the story goes, Fernin (short version of name I can actually pronounce!) is the son of Loki( God of mischief pretty much!). It was foretold that Fernin would help to destroy the world and kill Odin during the time of Raganok, "the end of the world". The gods were scared of Fernin as a puppy and they could only imagine how afraid of him they would be as a full grown dog. Tyr, the god of war, decided to look after him. As he grew he continuously broke the chains the gods put on him. So the gods made a magical ribbon that could hold him. Fernin asked if he could break those ribbons, even though he new he would have no problem. The gods told him yes he more than likely would. But Fernin made the gods promise that one of them had to place their hand in his mouth to test if he was trust worthy. Once he became bound by the ribbon He couldn't break loose. So Tyr was the only one brave enough to stick his hand in Fernins mouth. Fernin bit it off because of the lie. In my image I want to portray the hand of Tyr in Fernin's hand and in the other a spear with the teeth to represent the biting.

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